Yoga Nidra


Sessions will be offered monthly on the third Sunday evening 7:00 to 8:30pm at the Washburn Meditation Center beginning August 18 2019. The Center is at 325 Washington Avenue, Washburn. $15 

These sessions are accompanied by harmonic soundscapes with flute, guitar, and singing bowls by Peter Fraterdeus. 

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation with profound effects on the body and the mind. It is
practiced most optimally by lying down comfortably on the back. The process guides you
through a series of breath, body and awareness techniques moving the mind from an ordinary
waking state to a deep meditative alpha or theta state of awareness. Entering this sleep-like
state, while staying fully awake and aware, promotes new energy, physical and mental stress
melts away.
Benefits include:

Interrupts chronic stress response

Restore the natural balance to the nervous system

Improves efficiency of endocrine, circulatory and respiratory systems

Improves mental focus and mental clarity; learning and concentration.

If you’ve been feeling a bit sleep deprived, you will be happy to know, one 45 minute Yoga Nidra practice is equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep!
The session will begin with gentle asana practice followed by pranayama (breathing techniques)
to prepare the body and nervous system. Participants will then be guided through Yoga Nidra.
All are welcome no yoga experience necessary.

Arrive with an open heart, comfy clothes, yoga mat, pillow, and blanket.

Feel free to bring a journal as there will be time to process the experience afterward.

Facilitated by Kate Miller, RYT 200. Kate’s study of Yogic Science is aligned with the Himalayan
Institute and she is certified in Yoga Nidra. Kate is a holistic coach specializing in well-being, offering
innovative methods to develop mindfulness and resilience in everyday life. She is a Licensed
Spiritual Practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living and Certified as an Addictions

Her experiences as a spiritual practitioner, counselor, yoga and meditation teacher
are weaved together into her coaching practice - offering a safe space where inward reflection,
self-acceptance, growth, as well as body, mind, spirit integration, can take place.

Kate has worked in a variety of settings with diverse populations: from community outreach to Director
of Risk and Quality at a Psychiatric Hospital in Chicago, offering counsel to opiate addicts and
domestic abusers in rural communities, facilitating groups and retreats for spiritual growth,
creating community through yoga, and teaching mindfulness in the corporate setting. It is
Kate’s honor and privilege to be a guide along the journey toward wholeness.